Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A drawing of Daddy!

The other night we were hanging out with some friends and the kids were playing in the kitchen, coloring. Suddenly Viva calls out to me.

"Daddy!" she says, "I drew a picture of you!"

I go to the table, take a look at the picture, and laugh. Hard. (No pun intended.)

A perfect likeness!
Might frame this one for my office...

Yes, that does look exactly like what you think it looks like.

It's a rocket ship!!!

Like they always say, you never know how much of a "rocket ship" you are until your three-year-old daughter draws you as one.


  1. hahahahaha! Hilarious! Love your blog, by the way. That other post about the rotten food? Couldn't get it out of my head because there's this one loner fruit fly (I pray he is a loner) that has survived for weeks in our apartment. I'm starting to wonder about our neighbors...

  2. Josh Weed: those are feet. Clearly. You don't need an art history degree to see that, but just in case, I have one ;)

  3. Hilarious! I hope those are feet! LOL!!!

  4. @Mackenzie--Thanks! Yeah, that post has been in my head too. Especially right now, as I type this note sitting in the very office I described, smelling the sweet scent of rotting meat. Mmmmm. Good luck with your own fly situation!

    @Tamsin--Apparently you do need an art history degree to see that those are feet. Because that's definitely not the first thought that came to my mind...

    @Runnerwannabe--Haha, well according to our resident art historian, they are feet. According to my immediate reaction, they are testicles. You know, tomato tomawto...

  5. Lol! That is freaking hilarious! Save and date that little baby... It will be great blackmail in her teenage future :)

  6. Lol! That is freaking hilarious! got to love kids

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  8. Isn't it amazing how they see us?? To her that totally looked like Daddy. To the rest of us....welll......:)

  9. Haha it makes me guessing, you are a very funny guy! this post is simple but entertaining!

    Zero Dramas

  10. My first thought was V-2, but then I decided, no, the eyeglasses are clearly at the bottom of the drawing, it's definitely Saturn Five.