Friday, July 27, 2012


A conversation with Viva on her birthday:

Viva: I'm four now!

Lolly: That's right sweet girl! You're getting so big!

Viva: Mommy, when I grow up can I do bad things?

Lolly: Uh... what?

Viva: When I grow up can I do bad things?

Lolly: (hesitates) Do you want to do bad things?

Viva: Yes.

Lolly: What kind of bad things?

Viva: Like... *thinky face* using the scissors that only you and Daddy can use!?

Lolly: Yes, Viva. Yes. When you grow up, you can definitely do things like that. Plus, using scissors isn't "bad." It's just dangerous.

Viva: Thanks mommy!

Cut to: the next day, Lolly and I walk into the kitchen and Viva is at the counter holding the forbidden scissors. "Look Mommy and Daddy!" she says. "I cut open this birthday present all by myself and I didn't even cut my finger! Cuz I'm four now!"

Yes, Viva. Being four makes your little digits indestructible. Therefore, keep using those meat-cutting scissors. 

 Totally not dangerous!

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Oh, to dream a dream... to dream of using kitchen scissors like a grown-up. Now if only the "bad" things she wants to do remain so innocent, we'll be set for life.


  1. That was adorable! I love how innocent kids are, their minds so clean and pure.

  2. At least she didn't use the scissors to give herself a haircut.

  3. Yes. One of my children thought he could ride his bike in the street because riding a bike made him faster than the cars and he wouldn't get hurt.

  4. Thank heaven for asking for clarification!! I heard about a little girl who asked a question about a word on the olive oil bottle.... Yeah, Mom shoulda asked for clarification!

  5. That was the one thing we never did, use mom's good scissors for cutting paper. She put the fear of God into us over that one. I'm thirty and I still can't bring myself to use those things.

  6. Lols! Man! Who knew that using scissors was living so dangerously!

  7. At least she didn't use the scissors to give herself a haircut - my niece's daughter did that recently, resulting in an emergency trip to a real hair stylist for repairs.

  8. Lol, us evil scissor-using grown-ups! I love how candid she is, feeling so compelled to ask, and then is so happy to share how logical she was about using the scissors safely! :) I kept the scissors away from my 4 y.o. a little too well, apparently. His first day of kindergarten his teacher pulled me aside and told me that I should think about holding him back a year because of his inability to hold the scissors right. I was shocked she would want to hold him back just because of the fine motor skills that would surely come over the year, since he could read and do math above his grade. (Turns out she had ulterior motives for wanting to kick him out, because he's young for his age, but that's a long, sordid tale.)

    Anyway, sounds like your 4 y.o. be so ready to kick kindergarten's trash. :)

  9. NO ONE is allowed to touch the good scissors in this house...under penalty of death!

  10. I just noticed that Lolly's post about marrying a gay man has disappeared!

  11. This so made me smile, and I needed to smile today. :) God bless you, Josh!!!

  12. So sweet. I miss those days when my kids were that innocent. I wish I would have blogged back then to track it all. Great post.