Tuesday, February 26, 2013

10 ways to know you have ADD

10. You open a browser window to look up a word for something you are writing. Three hours later you find yourself reading a Wikipedia article on Megan Follows after having watched every youtube interview she's ever done. (True story.)

9. You arrive late to that very important weekly meeting. Every. Single. Week. No matter what.

8. You can count on one hand the number of times you have gotten a school assignment done early.

7. You didn't finish counting the number of times before getting distracted by that really weird spot on your pinky-finger-nail and forgetting what you were doing.

Friday, February 22, 2013

FFAQ VI vote! + we're doing a fireside in Portland this weekend

Oh hi!
First, here is what we're going to be up to this weekend. If you're in the Portland area, we'd absolutely love it if you came to meet us. 
Here's a copy of the announcement that was distributed:

Thursday, February 21, 2013

FFAQ V Answer--Is life always ponies and butterflies and--dare I say it--unicorns?

Last FFAQ resulted in a near-tie between two questions. This one edged the other (about boy scouts) out by one ditto. Here it is (posed by anonymous):

Everything that I’ve read or heard from you and Lolly about your situation has been positive. Is it all rainbows and sunshine all the time? I know that you’ve made the best decision for you and your family, but aren’t there times when it’s hard?

A parallel to my own life: I know that eating healthy is what’s right for me, but sometimes I just want ice cream, darn it. But I can occasionally indulge without hurting my loved ones and ruining my life.

Do you face frustrations with your lifestyle, and if so, how do you deal with them?

Great question, Anonymous!

First of all, let's get one thing straight (do you see what I did there?): what you're reading here is a blog. This is not, of course, a real-time reflection of our life. What you would get if you were seeing a real-time reflection of our life would be reeeeeeaaaaallly boring. 

It would look something like this:

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ten things a husband should never say to a stay at home mom as he gets home from work

I'm so freaking amazing at graphic art....

Top ten things a husband should never say to a SAHM when he gets home from work

10. Is that what you wore all day?

9. You remind me so much of my mom.

8. You don't need a break. You've been home all day!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Utah Post--Take two--VALENTINE'S DAY

All right. I'm at the airport again. We're going home. We're exhausted. But we had a really, really good day.

Here's a photo.

See? Exhausted.

So, our interview today went incredibly well. We absolutely loved the experience and can't wait to share it when it is ready.

Plus, we got to eat at not one, not two, but three of our favorite Utah joints today. Right before the interview, we were grabbing lunch and we happened upon a Leatherby's. (It's an ice cream shop that has the best cheese sauce and fries and ice cream in the world) And just barely we ate at the Cafe Rio here in the airport. So, pork salad? CHECK.

But the thing that made Lolly's dreams come true.

This? Au contraire...

 It was this. 

That suitcase is filled with: CAKE.

And that bag? Also filled with CAKE.

That's right, even on a one-day trip to Utah, Lolly managed to get us to Schmidt's Bakery cottage so she could get her favorite cake ever. Which happens to the cake that we had at our wedding. And we ate at Leatherby's the day we found out we were pregnant with Anna. And we ate at Cafe Rio right when our post went viral. So today was this mishmash of bloggy stuff plus romantic stuff plus delicious food plus a really stressful interview that ended up going really, really well.

Have I mentioned that I love Lolly Shea Weed with all my heart? Because I do.

Happy V-day everyone.

I'm at the airport. And I'm also not dead.

So, this week we've been involved in a super-duper secret project of awesomeness that I'm gonna have to tell you about later because there's a gag order and if I mention it here on the blog Higher Ups will come into my house and burn all of my electronics and maybe even raze my house to rubble.

So, yeah. As a teaser, I will say:

1. It involves cameras.
2. It is lasting various days.
3. Our house is cleaner than it has ever been.

In other news, we're here in SLC because we're going to be on the Mormon Stories podcast. This is an interview that's been a long time in coming. We were hesitant about it at first, but when we were approached again to do, we felt very clearly that we should do it. So it's happening all day.

Gotta go, we're on our way!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

One of these things is not like the others

Conversation between me and my two (straight) friends on our way to a movie.

JT: So, what should we see?

Me: I don't know. What about Les Mis? *laughs at his own joke*

Friday, February 8, 2013


Wow, I'm just rounding out an incredibly intense two weeks, and the intensity doesn't seem to be dying down. Tonight, I move my office from Auburn, WA to Renton. And then next week is going to be craaaaazy busy as we'll be filming for something (I'll probably talk more about that later). I didn't get a weekend last week because of my training, and it looks like my weekend is blown this week too.

C'est la vie.

Anyway, before starting my day of clients, I wanted to throw this up.

It's that time again, folks. Time to post your questions, or get your ditto on.

For those who are new here, Friday's Frequently Asked Question is your opportunity to ask me anything you want. If you like a question that has been asked, then leave a comment saying "ditto". The question with the most "dittoes" will be the one I answer next Friday. And then then the next Friday we ask again, and the next I answer, and so on and so forth in to perpetuity.

Get those questions rolling!

Update: All right. Voting is closed. Thanks for the awesome questions!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ten things I'd rather be doing than studying right now

Someday this will be a graphic that says "Tuesday's Top Ten" on it. That day is not today.

Ten things I'd rather be doing than studying for my licensing exam right now

10.  Peeling 4,000 potatoes. With a spork.

9. Reading the collected works of Snooki.

8. Crawling a mile. Around a track. Made of gravel. With shorts on.

Monday, February 4, 2013

FFAQ Answer: Mission for a gay guy? UPDATED

Today's FFAQ answer comes from a question posed by Kaela Frame. She asks:

We all know you served a mission, but you've never really expounded on your experience living with a male companion 24/7. You once mentioned that you gained weight because you were so stressed about it. I'd just like to know a little more about your experience and where you stand when it comes to serving a mission and if it's a good choice for those with same sex attraction.

My mission was pretty awesome. Not gonna lie.

And you're right. In the six months preceding my mission, I gained an incredible amount of weight (topping out at nearly 300lbs.) by eating pretty much every ice-cream product within a 1 mile radius of me. Daily. Which is how I ended up looking like this:

It happens. 

The main reason I was gaining weight

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Finally, the conference as ended + check in

("as" is supposed to be "has" in the title, but I thought the typo was so glaring and hilarious that I decided to leave it in)

All right, guys, I'm another step closer to becoming a world expert on sex.

Addiction. Sex addiction. Why do you guys keep forgetting that detail? GEEZ.

The good news?