Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ode to Jenny or Sharon, my new soul mate

I almost connected with my soul-mate today. On Facebook.

I got a friend request from a girl named Jenny Hall. She looked familiar, so I accepted it. It wasn't long before we had a conversation that has left me, I'll admit, a little confused. And hurt.

The conversation started with her thanking me for accepting her friend request, and then it got deep. And then... nothing.

It still hurts a little bit to talk about...

Okay, it was at this point that I started to feel bad. I mean, this girl was really opening up and being vulnerable with me. I knew I needed to be real with her, too, or our bosom-buddy friendship would never work.

So, I took a risk. I opened up. I shared.

She never wrote back.

Guys, rejection hurts.

I don't know if I'll ever hear from Jenny/Sharon again, but I do know this: our conversation this afternoon was special. And she is special.

It's like every single day I learn a new lesson. A lesson in vulnerability. A lesson in relationships.

This is one lesson I won't soon forget.

Also, does anyone have any idea what omo iya mi means? Is it code for "consider your account hacked"? Is it Russian for "I am going to murder your family with a machete?" Should I be worried about something here?

What's that you say? I should be more careful with friend requests?  Weird notion, but I'll try it.

*sigh* Life is so full of important lessons....

PS--Already working on my FFAQ answer for Friday. Sometimes these questions are hard work!


  1. So funny!! My favorite part "I miss you already.." I love your posts!

  2. Josh, just doing a quick Google search on that phrase turns up the answer that it's an occultic language of the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria. So maybe your soul mate is Nigerian? And I'm guessing her name isn't Jenny or Sharon. Perhaps Jenny got her account hacked.

  3. HIL-AIR-EE-YUSS!!! the thing that gets me is that she actually had a chance to conversate with THE josh weed...and she just threw it away. fail. i would never leave you hanging like that. hahaha! still love your posts...just so you know.

  4. That's a terrible loss... I strongly felt that Sharon and Ralphenus had something really special.
    Perhaps some ice cream will soothe the burn?
    Ursula :)

  5. Ha ha ha, You know what?! I seriously thought that you and your wife were doing something out of the box... like spontaneous date my spouse/kinky fb chat or something weird like the junk my husband sometimes comes up with for us! The crazy thing is I've been getting a lot of very in your face desperately seeking someone messages in my other folder ever since I started my author page, today when I clicked on the girls, yeah girls name someone had put this huge schpiel about catfish and junk on their wall! It was weird, but I didn't even really think about it til I was done reading this post! Maybe our catfishes should meet?! here's the link, I don't know how to do the cool screen shot thingy!

  6. heartbreaking :)

    By the way, I prefer to be called Princess!

  7. Not often that I ACTUALLY laugh out loud, but I totally did. And it's Jenny/Sharon's loss. I hear the gay married ones are the white whales of Facebook amour.

  8. Hilarious! Sorry about your heartbreak; however, I did laugh out loud. Poor Jenny/Sharon. HA!

  9. Remind me to wear depends next time I read your posts...seriously laughed so hard I almost peed my pants AND sprayed the water I was drinking all over myself. I think her next line if you hadn't been so honest with her would probably have been "me love you long time". Thanks once again for putting a smile on my face...

  10. Oh my Josh, you amuse and amaze with your ability to turn everyday oddities into sweet insight. You so funny!

  11. "Am just too tired here" should translate into "friends don't let friends drunk-Facebook-friend-message" lol. Classic!

  12. I can't be the only one who's actually worried about Sharon/Jenny. Am I missing something?

  13. I have 2 thoughts - first, I was concerned that this girl had drugged herself, to OD, and was in the midst of a last-minute, confused (and confusing) attempt to get some sort of help. That's really sad and really scary.

    But my second thought - I did the same that InkstainedPsyche did and I Googled "omo iya mi" - got the same thing - from Wiki Answers: omoiya is an occultic language in Yoruba tribe of Nigeria. Omoiya is a slogan for Ogboni fraternity. If we go with this theory, it could be yet another Nigerian scam - and we've all heard about how accounts get hacked and used to send FB text messages to friends, claiming that the person has been mugged and is stranded somewhere, in need of money to get home. I just wonder if this isn't a new spin on an old scam...

    Those are my thoughts. Josh, I love your tender heart - you always look for the good in people and you want to help them!! Unfortunately, I think in this situation, you've been cruelly accosted, via the internet, and the person just happened to get in touch with someone who has the incredibly original testimony that you have - and they either had no idea how to respond, or they thought you were trying to pull one over on them in return.

    I don't know - I've usually got fairly decent discernment and I'm not leaning toward this person being a real person who was reaching out for real help in the middle of a real crisis. I think it was a scam. That's my opinion, and I'm stickin' to it.


    1. Thank you Amanda! That answers a question I had regarding a man from Ethiopia (I don't know or have ever met) sent me a friend request! I'm not on any match meeting sites so I'm not sure how he found me or why he even wanted to be friends. Since I'm a VERY private person, I scrutinize every request and how it will impact my online alter-ego! lol I am very grateful to you for the information!

    2. You're welcome - I had a situation once, when I was contacted by a "friend of my mother's" who said that she and her husband were stranded in ... Europe, somewhere, though I don't remember exactly where. Supposedly, their passports, traveler's cheques, and wallets had been stolen and she couldn't get ahold of their son or daughter for help. She was asking me if I could wire them some money so they could get a cab to their hotel and then from their hotel to the American Consulate the next morning. It wasn't a lot that she was asking for - I don't even recall the amount, but it wasn't shocking. However, it seemed very weird, to me, that she would contact ME - I hardly knew her, but for visiting my mom & dad's Sunday School class a few times when I'd visited them in Texas. My own mom and dad were on vacation in Alaska at the time, so I called my sister and asked her if the couple-in-question was really in Europe and told her the story.

      Meanwhile I continued to "chat" with her asking for more details of the mugging - she got very descriptive, telling me that her husband's face was scraped up from being shoved into a brick wall during the mugging and his hand or wrist sprained in the altercation...

      So my sister knew the phone number to my mom & dad's friend and called them!! She got on the phone with the woman and asked her if everything was okay. When I got the all-clear, I typed, "Gee, I don't understand this, because my sister says she's on the phone with you right now!!!"

      My mom's friend immediately changed her Facebook Password and, fortunately, no damage was done.

      We just have to be *SO* diligent before accepting friend requests - even when we have friends in common with someone, there's no way of knowing, without actually asking our friends, whether THEY even actually know the person in question!!

  14. Poor thing could never compare to Lolly anyway ;)

  15. Fabulous :) Just Fabulous :)

  16. Ok I am pretty sure I saw you singing in general conference yesterday. Am I crazy? I guess either way I am crazy because if I saw you and you weren't there then I am crazy and if you were there and I recognized you even though I have never met you...that kind of makes me crazy too. Also it was the family choir so was Lolly in it too? If so I did not see her and I HAVE met her so......yeah I am crazy.

  17. Josh, I see that you took down the post talking about your stance on gay marriage. I hope that wasn't because of backlash/nasty comments, but I have a feeling it may have been something like that. If so, I'm sorry. Especially for any part I may have played in it.

    I hardly ever comment on your blog, but I read every post. You are an awesome person.

  18. Josh, I was going to share your post regarding your feelings on same-sex marriage. What happened to it?

  19. Josh, what happened to Friday's FFAQ? I really enjoyed reading it on Friday. I came back to give it a second look today, and it's gone. :( I hope you didn't get too much backlash or something...

  20. I have to say a very similar "text-perience" happened with me...
    Case in point? I was told that same Nigerian voodoo crap.
    I was confused for a second so I looked for the meaning here! Haha
    Jihad me at friend request.