Wednesday, May 29, 2013


So, yesterday was the anticipated day: our segment was on the Vh1 series "I'm married to a..."

As with all experiences like this, I spent the day feeling incredibly vulnerable and nervous. The producers were so nice when they shot our footage, and they promised to tell our story in a way that we would feel good about, but... it's just so vulnerable, having your life be filmed, having your closest family ties be captured by other people, and then edited by a team looking for an interesting (even sensational) product.

Our doubts were totally unfounded.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

So, I wrote a song with Sally DeFord + The "Only Love" Vocal Competition

So, do you know who Sally DeFord is?

I lifted this picture from her site. With her permission. Because I'm ethical. Sorta.

Chances are, if you're Mormon, you've probably heard some of her songs. Like this. Or this. Or this.

She is a well known composer, and runs a pretty famous website known for being a place where you can download good, playable music for free.

Anyway, I've known her music for many years as a violinist and as a person who has sung in tons of ward choirs. So, imagine my surprise one day when she showed up on my blog's Facebook page saying that she had read my blog.  I was shocked and flattered! "Golly gee," I said. "That makes my day!"

I thought nothing more of it. Until she messaged me one afternoon and asked me to write a song with her.