Tuesday, June 25, 2013


All right, so a week or so ago my friend Jenni convinced me to audition for a local LDS symphony (the Ensign Symphony and Chorus) because she's one of the section leaders and she wanted to carpool and make weird jokes all the way there and back.

I was like "I'll totally... never audition in person for any group ever ever ever again because I did that all growing up and I hate it."

And she was like "PERFECT. You can audition online!"

Then she kidnapped me invited me to record my audition at her home.

And, I did this really weird, uncharacteristic thing where I didn't practice at all and ended up sending in the audition tape the last possible second of the last day of auditions. Because I win at being prepared.

Wanna know how I did? Well, I compiled a very short highlight reel for you to enjoy. Remember, this is an audition for a semi-professional level group, so I had to make sure my stuff was in tip top shape!



My favorite parts? The fact that the instrument on the couch kept changing, and the fact that you could hear Jenni laughing hard into the camera during my meltdown and I didn't even notice her laughing at me. Because I was way too busy acting a lot like Tessa, my two-year-old.

I bet you're wondering if I got in.

I did. Because of miracles. And also they were seriously like "hmmm, maybe you could actually practice in the next couple of months before we do auditions for chairs. Kinda like any other player would, you fool. If you don't we'll kick you out. Mkaythanxbai" That wasn't a direct quote, but that was the main idea.

I think I will.

In other music news, there's less than a week left to submit to the "Only Love" vocal competition hosted by myself and Sally DeFord! Entries have already started coming in and it has been amazing to see the beauty of different approaches. For those who don't remember what I'm talking about, here is the blog post that talks all about it. There you will find the rules to the competition, details about prizes, the links to all the relevant pages, and in the comments there are some commonly asked questions answered by myself and Sally.

Feel free to ask any further questions here in the comments, and just for fun, here are the main links:

Here is Sally's page where you can find the sheet music (along with everything else).
Here is a link to where you can download the accompaniment track.
Here is a link to where you can download my version to hear the vocals.
Here is the site you can use to record your vocals.

The rest of the details can be found at the original post.

We're so excited to see what you've got! Good luck!

Me? I'm off to practice the violin. Where when I say "practice the violin" I actually mean "go night night because it's really late." 


Thursday, June 20, 2013

Blog Intervention for my ADD Boy

Hey everyone, it's Lolly. How are y'all doing? I hope the world hasn't been too cruel to you today. I wish I could say that our life has been all sunshine and rainbows as of late, but alas, that is not the case. Lots of stuff is happening here at La Casa Weed, some good and some bad. Needless to say, we are stressed.

Josh loves this blog and he loves you, his readers. A lot. But, he has been struggling lately with posting consistently and that has been stressing him out. So, I am having an intervention for Josh. A blog intervention. He doesn't know I'm writing this. So hopefully he likes it! (Hi honey! Hope you don't care that I hacked into your blog!)

As most of you know, Josh has ADD. It's not a baby case of it either. It's a full-on colossal dragon-size case of ADD. I'll be honest...

Friday, June 14, 2013

New Writing Home + Father's Day thing on Deseret News

Hi guys!

So, wanna see what I just did for myself? I'm not gonna lie, I kind of love it.

Fist let me explain. I have this attention problem, you see, where if I'm near any noise whatsoever I am immediately distracted from what I'm doing. And our home office, you see, is right by the front door on the main floor which means that when I try to work there I am basically... never working and instead paying attention to all kinds of other things going on like kids going in and out of the house and kids playing Magic Princess Dress Up right outside the door and kids playing tag and kids playing "Kitties" with really loud meows three feet away from me as I'm trying to construct sentences. And kids crying. And kids. (Did I mention that kids are a distraction from time to time? Because they are.)

I needed a space that I could go to to escape from distraction. I didn't know what it would look like. But my instincts told me that with my ADD, it needed three things. 1. It had to be close to my bedroom so I could go straight there without getting distracted by other things. 2. It had to be quiet and away from distractions (read: kids). And 3. It had to have a small desk.

The other morning, it occurred to me

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Club Unicorn: a Retrospective

I'm not sure whether this post is supposed to be serious or funny, but tomorrow it's been one year since Lolly and I pressed "publish" on our coming out post and started... whatever the crap our life is now.

One year ago tonight, virtually nobody knew I was gay. And then the next day hundreds of thousands of people knew.

One year ago tonight, I was in a hotel in Las Vegas with the express purpose to celebrate my tenth anniversary. And then the next day, all celebrations died in a cruel death of crushing attention and Lolly and I spent all day sitting in our hotel room ordering room service reading thousands and thousands of amazing messages and talking to media outlets and looking at each other intermittently asking "what the hell just happened to our life????"

It was perhaps the craziest thing that's ever happened to me. Crazier than...